Private Treatments & Services

We believe that all patients should be offered a full choice of the treatments available, and should be given enough information to make an informed choice. As a fully private patient you will have a greater choice of materials and techniques in order to achieve optimum aesthetic results.

Some treatments are not available on the NHS, for instance:

  • Teeth whitening
  • White crowns on back (molar) teeth including CEREC crowns
  • White fillings for back teeth provided for aesthetic reasons
  • Sports mouth guards

Written estimates will be given for any private treatment chosen.

An indicative private fee list is below- although fees are subject to change depending on individual circumstances (for instance the size and depth of a filling, or the complexity of a root-canal filling). Discount available for early payment.

New Patient Consultation £64.70 including X-rays
Examination for existing patient £26.80
Small X-rays £9.80 each
White fillings from £94.70-227.00
Crowns/Veneers from £441.20
Dentures from £456.80
Teeth whitening from £350.90
Extractions from £61.87
Hygienist appointment £31.20 (20 minutes)
£46.80 (30 minutes)
£62.40 (40 minutes)
Root canal treatment Incisor/canine £235.55
£46.80 (30 minutes)
Premolar £291.90
Molar £485.70
Sports mouthguard from £56.90

Prices correct as of 01/04/2017

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